About Tani

My mother was a homebirth midwife before I was born, and growing up, she taught childbirth classes in our home. She made a special green drink for the pregnant women who came over, so her classes were always a treat for me. Sure, I could have gone off to play, but as a five-year-old, I’d just sit and listen to her stories about birth. Lots and lots of them.

I attended my first birth when I was twelve years old and my cousin was born. For me, it wasn’t scary at all. Instead, it just felt normal, a combination of calm and exciting and interesting at the same time. Nothing about that birth or the baby that came as a surprise, because I was told all about those things ahead of time. And then I got to hold the baby!

I come from a long line of photographers. My father, my aunt, and my uncle, and I were always that person with a camera. Right after I graduated from Holyoke Community College, a friend introduced me to Hallmark Institute of Photography. I originally wanted to be a doctor, but being dyslexic, that training would have been very hard. I loved Hallmark’s hands-on training, which gave me everything I needed to become a skilled photographer, and I graduated in 2003. I’ve been working as a professional photographer full-time ever since.

In short, baby photography is really the combination of my life’s two passions, passed down to me from my parents.

Most of all, I love that photos communicate and capture what’s most important in a way that nothing else can. It has become cliche to say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but the fact is, it’s true. If somebody walks into your home, you people can tell what you value immediately by showing them what’s on your walls.