Your Pregnancy:

When so much else is going on and you’re experiencing the typical challenges of pregnancy, you deserve to have a moment to celebrate your connection with your baby and relish this special moment.  This is the last time that you’ll be by yourself for a long time, and having your photo taken is an amazing experience just for yourself, to document how much things have changed, and to let yourself play in front of the camera with the fact that you’re pregnant and beautiful.  This can also be a special opportunity to allow partners to feel engaged and connected, like they’re part of this experience too, too.  

Pregnancy can feel like it takes forever, but it’s often over before you know it, and I hear so many women say, “You know... I wish I’d taken pictures throughout my pregnancy…”  Taking this moment now shows your baby later on how special they are to you, even before they were born.  Even if you have other children, this moment happens only once, and this is your chance to mark this new beginning.  


Some people want that crowning shot, but not everyone does.  Either way, that’s great.  Although some women feel shy about having a stranger in the room during such an intimate moment in their lives, after giving birth, many women regret not having a document that can tell the story of the child’s birth, the most important day of their lives.  Whether the photo helps you remember your labor or allows your child to see the first look of love on your face when you first met, I’m there to capture the moments of connection, the joyful times, as well as the hard work.  

I capture birth photographs in a documentary, as-the-moment-is-happening way, with no posing or recreating a scene. These images are raw and genuine, and you can feel the emotion in every frame.  I've had clients tell me that images from their birth are some of their favorite images, even when those pictures are of just hands or feet.

The First Hours:

To capture the first few magical moments with your new baby, I can visit you and your family in the hospital or your home (for only 15 or 20 minutes, of course, so it’s not intrusive).  These photos tell the beginning of your family’s story with your baby.  Whereas newborn photos tend to be more like posed portraits, photos of the first few hours are a document of these important moments, which can never be recreated.

I’m there to capture the first firsts, the first time when the family gets to hold the baby, the first time your baby connects the sound of your voice to the look on your face, the first look on their face, a face that often changes rapidly, which often looks completely different just a week later.  There is joy just jumping out of these images.

The First Two Weeks:

They’re just so tiny in these first few days, but while this small and tiny and adorable stage may feel like an eternity, it only really lasts a week or two.  These photos are intimate and are all about the connections between mom and baby, or dad and baby, or siblings and baby.  This is really the only time that the words “sleep like a baby” hold true, and these photos will capture the most precious, peaceful, and snuggly time of their lives.   

3-5 Months (picking up head, smiling big, and engaging):

This is that singular moment, that fleeting time that feels so long but is gone before you know it.  This is when you can get those naked, smiling, and ridiculously cute images in which they are lifting up heads on their own, lying on their bellies, or on their backs, discovering their feet and putting them in their mouths.  Once they start sitting, crawling, and walking, those moments are never going to happen away.  People tend to forget about these moments, and I don’t want anyone to think “remember when?” and not have these photos.

6-9 months (sitting):

Six month olds are just starting to explore the world around them, and these pictures capture the excitement in their eyes about the simplest things, like getting to pick up a toy or anticipating being tickled.  It’s a great time to take a shot of them planted in the middle of dad’s feet or a picture of mom swinging them around in the air.  They’re even proud of just being able to sit up!

9-12 months (crawling):  

And there goes baby’s butt crawling away!  Even if they’re not crawling, they’ve got the “baby rock,” rocking back and forth, building momentum to propel themselves forward.  They see something on the other side of the room, they’ve figured out they can move, and they love it.  

12-18 months (first steps):

It is an amazing thing to be able to remind ourselves and our children to live the way we did when we were babies just starting to walk.  They don’t know what they’re doing, but they are proud just the same.  Full of determination, they throw themselves off balance, knowing that they might fall down, then falling down, getting back up, and doing it over and over again.  

Later on, we often start to fear falling down.  These images are a powerful metaphor that we as parents can reach to when our children are older and wanting to teach them how to walk through life.  

18 months - 5 years (toddlers):  

While there’s not as many milestones during this period, children still change drastically from year to year.  They begin losing their baby features, turning into little girls and boys.  It’s amazing how early their personal style begins to come out, and how quickly it can feel like their personalities change, before we even know it.

You find yourself saying, “Wow, you’re becoming a real person!  How did that happen?!”  Unfortunately and fortunately, you can’t stop them from growing up, but at least you can hold onto the moment.